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Music of the Heart Organization

Our next trip to Haiti is May 14 – 20, 2014

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  Go to “How You Can Help” page if you are interested!


Music of the Heart Organization  - Registered 501c3 Tax Id # 80-0786868

A nonprofit organization dedicated to developing long-term, sustainable music programs for youth in impoverished Haiti.  We also support the music students with non music programs for food, electricity and clean drinking water.

Our Goal is to Equip, Empower, and Enlighten Haitian youth through Music.

Our objective is to utilize music as a way of fostering hope, discipline, teamwork, and learning.

This will be accomplished through:

  • Securing donated new and used musical instruments and supplies for distribution
  • Involving the local Haitians to work within the music programs
  • Creating strategic partnerships with U.S. schools to foster support for Haitian Music programs
  • Find sponsorship’s for uniforms and travel for students to attend musical performance events
  • Partnering with socially conscious music artists from around the globe
  • Partnering with musical instrument companies
  • Partnering with Music Departments at Colleges and Universities

Music of the Heart was founded in January 2012.



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