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Music of the Heart was founded in March 2012 by Kim Butorac. Kim gave her life to the Lord in January 2011 and God called her to Haiti in December 2011. Ever since, God has been on the move in her life! Her first trip involved a lot of anxiety and fear, but she was putting her trust in the Lord and off she went! Upon returning Kim knew  this was where God wanted her, so she formed Music of the Heart nonprofit. She chose this name as she loves worship music and Jesus is the music of her soul!
In April 2014, God blessed Kim with the marriage to an amazing man of God, Joman Good. Now, Kim and Joman are doing this ministry together!
They love the Lord, and do all in faith and love for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The first project of this ministry in Haiti was a youth marching band program put together after someone asked Kim to help with this project! Kim doesn’t play a musical instrument, but was just drawn to help. Ever since, she has been traveling back and forth to Haiti and has been working effortlessly in various ways.  The ministry has started several youth programs and various community projects to help the beautiful Haitian people.
Here are some of the completed and ongoing projects/programs over the past several years of this ministry:
Solar energy project
Solar lantern project
Hurricane community rebuilding projects
Food and Clothing Distribution
Education/School Student Sponsor Program
Youth Ministry Programs including band and singing groups, Summer Bible Studies and Retreats
Prison Ministry
English Programs in schools

We ask for your prayers for the work God has called us to in Haiti!
If you are interested in visiting Haiti with this ministry please contact us!
We welcome individuals and small groups to come with us!
We would love to take you to see what God is doing in Haiti!

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